Women supporting women, for women

This spring, we are thrilled to partner with LOCAL Lularoe consultants for a fabulous (and stylish!) fundraiser benefiting the Third Street Alliance for Women and Children.  Third Street Alliance for Women and Children(TSA) provides a safe and healthy space for women, children and families to live learn and thrive.  Part of our practice's passion is to help better our community so there is no better cause than this.

Dealing with FEAR at the dentist!

Teeth are an incredibily  important organ that we use every day.  And yet, many patients don't seek regular dental care until they have a problem or pain.  Not only is it dangerous (an infected tooth can lead to an unplanned emergency room visit and life-threatening conditions) but avoiding the dentist can be more traumatic in the long run because these teeth that have not been properly cared for.  So what keeps people away?  Throughout the years, I have found most that avoid the dentist stay away because they are embarrassed, have had a traumatic dental experience or finances.  Let's delve into some of these!