Motivating kids to brush!

As a mother, I know how hard it is to motivate the young ones, especially when they would rather do many other things other than brush.  The key I have found is simple in concept:  MAKE IT FUN!  If it is treated like a chore, it will be.  If it is fun and exciting, it becomes something they look forward to doing!!

Here is a list of ideas that can help!

Product review: Cuckoo for Cocofloss!

Product review: Cuckoo for Cocofloss!

Welcome to our very first product review!  We will be reviewing dental products that have been trending, hitting the market, and boast consumer appeal to help our patients and friends! First up- a trendy, social media savvy product called Cocofloss!! This floss boasts tropical flavors, a smooth texture due to natural oils, and fun packaging. The company offers a subscription service as well for auto-shipments to replenish the floss every 2-4 months. Read on to learn more!