Dental Hygiene

The latest run on toothbrush subscriptions: Quip!!

The latest run on toothbrush subscriptions:  Quip!!

Do you love having the convenience of health care products sent to your home?  One of the latest subscription services, Quip, the electric/manual toothbrush, gives you this optimal convenience.  It is sold as a starter kit, which includes the toothbrush and paste.  The best part is that every 3 months, new brush heads and/or toothpastes are sent to your door to remind you to switch for a better clean. With an eye catching modern appeal and social media presence, we had to put this product to the test as to whether it was worth it.  

Motivating kids to brush!

As a mother, I know how hard it is to motivate the young ones, especially when they would rather do many other things other than brush.  The key I have found is simple in concept:  MAKE IT FUN!  If it is treated like a chore, it will be.  If it is fun and exciting, it becomes something they look forward to doing!!

Here is a list of ideas that can help!